Fed up of having to buy men’s gear, as I’ve often struggled to find women’s gear that fits or performs well enough without buying three sizes bigger than I am, I decided to stop complaining and do something about it. And so Snooks was born.

One day I bounced the idea of a female specific, British made snowboarding brand to Co-Founder Soph, and the more excited we got, the more we realised Snooks could be way more than the brandy-fuelled chairlift chat idea that it started as. We could actually make a change and give female riders something they’ve been wanting for years. So we threw all our ideas onto endless pieces of paper, researched fashion design, manufacturing, sourcing, textiles, drew up a business plan, wrote a partnership agreement, taught ourselves design and pattern making skills, and suddenly we were starting a business! I am so excited to share our products with all you female riders and create something that really represents you.