Growing up I have always had the urge to run free – since being able to walk! Running, skating, football, early memories of hanging out with the guys on the street, teaching me how to skate! With older brothers and the guys on the street to play role model, I was always that girl who played football, the comments of “oh my god a girl can kick a ball!” encouraged me to be proud that I could but also to rise to the statement. “Hang on, why shouldn’t a girl be able to play football!?” The early comments and stigma of women in sport back then has lead me to feel even more passionately about the topic and women in action sports now!

The first time I went snowboarding was when I was 18 years old on the Uni Ski trip. Yes I was a late bloomer! Why I loved it so much was the adrenaline, the awesmoness of hitting the slopes with all your mates, the après and, actually, the whole community! Even after a snapped Achilles injury, I couldn’t miss out on the annual trip – too much fomo! It combined my early love of being outdoors, being active, and being challenged. The annual snowboard trip just got better and better with our abilities (and our après shenanigans!) but also lead to the increasing additions of men’s snowboard jackets to my wardrobe! It seems we weren’t the only ones buying guys’ jackets for the right style and fit. This, along with not feeling women’s gear represented us, lead to Susie and I talking. Result: We should probably do something about this. With relatively business minded attitudes and a shared passion for snowboarding, SNOOKS was born.