The Handmade Collection – Elsie Dragonstone Tee

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The handmade tale is a collaborative collection of hand-printed tees featuring inspiring, badass, feminist illustrations from guest artists and the team at Snooks.

Show your solidarity with Snooks’ Oh Very Nice tee! Featuring the two handed symbol we like to use to encourage our mates to push themselves out on the snow. Grow some balls? Nah, grow some ovaries!


Our feature artist: Elsie Dragonstone

Elsie is a young artist and creator who envisions and illustrates ‘Characters’ which embody the beauty and power that she sees in every day people; beauty and power which she believes transcends the physical being. She creates these ‘Characters’ to explore aspects of her own being, of life, and to celebrate ordinary people, where they may not see such grandeur within themselves. Elsie calls her illustrations ‘Characters’ because it blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, giving more freedom of expression. The idea of a character within a story automatically creates a world parallel to our own. A world where anything is possible and you can be whoever you want to be.



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