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At the heart and soul of SNOOKS is to represent women in the industry as reputable; talented
and inspiring athletes who have a passion for doing whatever they do best! This has not always
been the case in the action sports industry, and many others too. Let’s face it…women don’t actually
snowboard in bikinis. So to anyone who says otherwise, we cock a snook* at you!

The rest of you, we salute you.



‘Cock-a-Snook’… An Old English Phrase


Definition: Verb. Old English. To ‘cock a snook’ is to spread one’s hand with thumb
on the nose, preferably with crossed eyes, waggling fingers
and any other annoying gesticulation that comes to mind at the time.”

Example: Thumb one’s nose, as in As soon as the teacher turned her back, the
boys cocked a snook at her.

The expression was first recorded in 1791 and theprecise source of snook,
here used in the sense of “a derisive gesture,” has been lost. (’til now!)


Hey guys, we totally get what you’re doing for the guys, but we cock a snook at you – we
design awesome gear just for women!
 There is so much awesome gear out there for the guys,
and there are brands that do lovely women’s gear – we also salute you. But… In a heavily saturated
and male dominated industry, we think it’s time there was more choice for the girls!

Ladies… Cock-A-Snook, get out of the men’s section and get your
mitts on our exclusive early release 2016-17 gear!


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*A Snook is also a fish.
**And also apparently lots of people’s surnames. Neither of which we should ignore.

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail. (Via Google images…)

1. Get down to your nearest snowdome and get your shred on!!

SnoZone are putting on an awesome deal in partnership with This Girl Can…
women ride free tomorrow. All day. YUP! So if you can get to Milton Keynes
or Castleford, it will 
totally be worth the journey! Click here for more info!

2. Go on a micro-adventure.

Grab a friend or two, book an Air Bnb, or a tent, or a campervan, and just go
explore! If you need help finding inspiration, Alistair Humphreys is undoubtedly
the go-to micro-adventure dude.

3. Go for drinks with your besties.

4. Take up a new sport/hobby.

Always wanted to try skateboarding? BMX? Surfing (maybe still a bit cold for that)?
Longboarding? Roller Derby? Ice Hockey? Why haven’t you yet? Well know seems
like a pretty damn ideal opportunity. If you don’t know where to start, have a look
round the This Girl Can website. Get inspired and get involved!


Lots of it. Mary Antoinette said you should, and you don’t wanna mess with Queen M.

6. Have a movie night!

Here’s two suggestions to inspire:

The Suffragettes – all about Emiline Pankhurst and the squad,
rolling deep to fight for women’s right to vote.


Bend it Like Beckham – because it’s the BEST film of all time, ever! (If you can get
over the questionable acting and Keira Knightley’s shocking 90s haircut.)


7. Give a little love

I know we’ve literally just had Mother’s day, but international women’s day
is about ALL of the women. Sisters, mums, aunties, grandmas, great-grandmas,
besties and all the resties… why not pick up the phone, or better still pop in with
your actual face and say hello, and let them know you appreciate them.


7. Our way of celebrating…

is to give you a little gift from us. Use the code below at checkout to get a whopping
20% discount on all 
SNOOKS outerwear. Be quick though, this offer only lasts a week!



Graduates launch first British snowboarding and ski brand for women


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 13.30.32


Loughborough Alumnus Susie Beere and Sophie Kelly are set to launch Snooks, the first British snowboarding and ski brand designed specifically for women.

Born in The Studio, Loughborough’s creative hub, Snooks offer female riders well-fitting and uniquely designed outerwear that combines protection, freedom of movement and style.

As keen snowboarders, Founders Susie and Sophie identified a gap in the market for quality, high performance outwear designed with women in mind. Blending British heritage with modern urban styling, the new range includes waterproof, windproof, breathable and warm technical jackets and trousers, designed to keep riders comfortable while looking great on the slopes… [click here for full article]

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 13.32.01

Why are we doing what we are doing I hear you say? Take a look at this image I came across during some Instagram market research…


blog image SK

Cute snowboarding pants?


Now why has this real and ambitious woman, who clearly has a passion for snowboarding, been influenced to think that she needs to fit into these ‘cute **insert said brand name** snowboarding pants’? Two things here to highlight:


Firstly, and most importantly, there is a negative and detrimental message that has been supported by the industry and media to encourage a stereotypical perception of women in the sport. Why is it her goal to fit into these pants, when surely her goals should be to better her ability, have fun and be proud of her decision to live an active and healthy lifestyle? This is rapidly becoming an outdated representation of women in sport thanks to many motivating campaigns and successful international sporting prowess… but there is still much to be challenged!


Secondly, she comments ‘I always have to buy men’s size snowboarding pants’. This also roots our inspiration to design stylish women’s snowboard wear that fits superbly. I would consider myself and our immediate snowboarding crew to be fairly athletic young women, so why is it we find ourselves, along with a large proportion of girls in the sport doing the same: buying men’s snowboarding gear! Why? Because it’s all we can find to fit. Why do I find a women’s large not lengthy or roomy enough when usually I’m a pretty solid Medium? Who are these mini skinny snowboarders?!


“Who are these mini skinny snowboarders?!”


I am not ashamed to say that when we are on the mountains, we intend to give the guys a good run for their money: not by sauntering down the slopes but riding fast and high, confidently and ferociously no matter what level and ability we are (please note I am by no means a pro snowboarder). Now, with this level of action, the female gear that is all too often overly short and tight just does not cut it! We need that higher level of maneuverability and fit just like our male counterparts. I’m sure you will agree there are some other brands that do this well and that we commend – what we’re saying is, in a heavily saturated and male dominated market, let there be more of it!


“what we’re saying is, in a heavily saturated and male dominated market, let there be more of it!”


A very interesting old Whitelines article has just attracted some attention and it seems to have sparked some controversial comments. It seems there are many people out there, both male and female, who are happy with the ‘pink it and shrink it’ technique, who love the “furry kittens and aztec patterns” and aspire, or think women should aspire, to be able to fit into those ‘cute **insert said brand name** snowboarding pants’ and others who absolutely don’t. Personally, we are solidly of the latter opinion and therefore want to support the call for better fitting and functioning snowboard gear for women!


We want to, not only be able to provide clothing for what we see as a call in demand, born out of our own and our friends frustrations, we want to – Just like campaigns such as This Girl Can, Board of Media, and Women in Board and Action sports, provide a platform for women to express their inner adventure, and to spread a positive message that challenges an outdated female stereotype. And give the rest of the industry a little…hello! Yes we are here, and yes us British can snowboard!


Back to why we are doing this……..We want to help advocate the cultural shift in perceptions about women’s sport and encourage more women to get on board!


We’ll be launching our outerwear this winter so keep your eyes peeled!

SNOOKS love x 

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Points of views and comments welcomed!