As we wait for the Paralympics to commence, we’re still buzzing after an historic Olympic games for Team GB! Finishing in second place in the medal tables behind USA and beating China, Britain beat their medal tally of the London 2012 Olympics!  We take a look at all the talented and hard working athletes that brought medals home from Rio 2016! But it’s not the medals hanging round their necks that makes these women so remarkable. It’s the journey they’ve been on to reach that moment. For each of these Olympians, it’s taken years of dedication and sacrifice, passion, ambition and sheer determination to achieve their goals. No doubt along the way they will have encountered a fair few Debbie Downers and Negative Nancies, doubting them and telling them they can’t do it, but each of them has the strength of mind to cast those doubts far in to the shadows and keep driving forward towards their goals. They’ve faced adversity, injury and illnesses, highs and lows, even love and loss. Something we truly live by at Snooks is the belief that if you want something badly enough, you will do everything you can to make it happen. So below is the definitive list of all of Team GB’s medalists from the Rio 2016 games! Here’s a huge high-five to all of our golden girls (and silver & bronze girls) for making it happen!



Sophie Hitchon Women’s Hammer Throw – BRONZE


Sophie set a new British record of 74.54m on her final attempt! Champ.

Jessica Ennis-Hill Women’s Heptathlon – SILVER


Womens-Jess Ennis Hill
The legend that is Jessica Ennis-Hill added a cheeky silver to her Olympic medal collection. Considering she gave birth to her son just two years ago, she’s managed to squeeze in a four year training cycle to ensure success at Rio! We salute you, Jess.

Track Cycling

Rebecca James – TWO SILVERS

Britain is growing its reputation as a cycling powerhouse! Rebecca James scooped up two silver medals – one in the Sprint and one in the Keirin. She also overcame injury and a cancer scare in the last two years leading up to the Olympics.


Cycling: 31st Rio 2016 Olympics / Track Cycling: Women's Sprint Finals Podium / Rebecca JAMES (GBR) Silver Medal / Celebration / Rio Olympic Velodrome / Summer Olympic Games / (Photo by Tim de Waele/Corbis via Getty Images)

(Photo by Tim de Waele/Corbis via Getty Images)


Katy Marchant: Women’s Sprint – BRONZE

Bronze medallist Britain's Katy Marchant poses on the podium after the Women's sprint finals track cycling event at the Velodrome during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on August 16, 2016. / AFP / Odd Andersen (Photo credit should read ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Photo credit ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images

Katy only started cycling three years ago, and has managed to bag herself a bronze medal in the Sprint already! She’s one to watch!

Laura Trott: Women’s Omnium – GOLD


Women’s cycling track team Pursuit GOLD
Laura smashed records to win four gold Olympic medals, making her Britain’s most decorated female Olympian ever. And she’s just 24 years old. She tweeted this after winning:
“Who says girls can’t play sports?! I KEEP PLAYING and just won GOLD! #LikeAGirl”.

Charlotte Dujardin: Equestrian Dressage Individual – GOLD

Retaining her title from London 2012! And she got a cheeky marriage proposal from her boyfriend to top it all off! (one of FOUR public marriage proposals at the Olympics… two of which were same-sex couples! There must be something in the air in Rio! #lovewins

Amy Tinkler: Floor Exercise – BRONZE

amy tinkler

Gymnastics Women’s Floor Exercise BRONZE
Team GBs youngest athlete! Between sitting her GCSEs last month, and collecting her results on her return, she managed to slot in a quick trip to Rio de Janeiro to casually pick up a bronze medal.

Bryony Page: Trampoline – SILVER

Great Britain's Bryony Page has won a silver medal in the women's trampoline on the seventh day of the Rio Olympics Games, Brazil. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday August 12, 2016. Photo credit should read: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire. EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Photo credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire.

Twenty-five year old Bryony bounced her way to silver on the trampoline! She’s the first ever British athlete to win a medal in the event!

Sally Conway – BRONZE

Sally Conway

Whilst competing in London 2012, Sally injured her shoulder ligaments in the first round and required surgery, but this didn’t stop her achieving a bronze medal at Rio!


Women’s Eight – SILVER



Katherine Grainger and Vicky Thornley: Double Sculls – SILVER 



Helen Glover and Heather Stanning: Women’s Pairs – GOLD

glover stanning


Jazz Carlin: 800m and 400m Freestyle – BOTH SILVER

Jazz carlin


Siobhan-Marie O’Connor: 200m Individual Medley – SILVER


Nicola Adams: Women’s Fly Weight – GOLD

Nicola Adams

Nicola was the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title when the women’s competition it was introduced to the games in 2012. She retained her title in Rio!

Women’s sailing team


Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark– 470 GOLD

Tae Kwon Do
Jade Jones: 57kg – GOLD

jade jones

57kg GOLD

Vicky Holland

vicky holland


Vicky splashed, cycled and ran her way to a Bronze medal!


The Hockey girls brought home Gold in an epic final! About half the team are from Loughborough where Snooks is based!



We could get all technical about the importance of strength training in helping your technique but instead, lets put it in SNOOKS terms. Stonger legs and core = snowboarding better harder and longer!

Let’s be honest I am no elite snowboarder, I reeeallly love my food and a bevvy, or 2 but it is so beneficial for your game to work on your leg day! Anyone and everyone can do these moves, anywhere, although we wouldn’t recommend in the club. Tried that. Didn’t work.

Work these out 12 times for each exercise and repeat the set 3 times! Let’s get pumped!


Floor Burpees.

Easing you in gently. Love them or hate them, they are undeniably the mother of the full body work-out.



Lunge jumps.

Helping your poppiness. If this is too much try stepping into alternate lunges.




An amazing exercise for your core! Particularly useful for when you are on the floor and need to push yourself back up and try again! Tumble weed should have been included in this GIF!



One leg bum raises.

Well that’s what I’m calling them anyway, for your solid buns of steel.



Squat Jumps.

All round leg burn, no pain no gain!




Don’t neglect your back muscles, introducing the superwoman!



And when you finish you will feel like this!!!


Try these 3 times a week, as well as skating or running or cycling or dancing like nobody is watching, or all of the above, or whatever else you like to do and you will be well on track to your better ski and snowboard self!

If you’ve tried it yourself, send us your pics via insta or twitter with the hashtag #summersnooks @thesnooksgirls


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Snooks love x


With the summer solstice yesterday (20th June), summer has finally begun! We’ve put together a few fun suggestions to keep you snow-fit over the summer, so you can go charging back to the slopes like a woman on a mission when winter returns…

1. Skateboarding/Longboarding


photo credit: Jean Stories LLC

photo credit: Jean Stories LLC

As it’s Go Skateboarding day today, we’re kicking off with the four-wheeled action sports staple. Not only will you be keeping on top of your balance, coordination, cardio and coolness, but you’ll also be outside catching some rays (always wear suncream folks)! If jumps and tricks aren’t your thing, head down to a beachfront to cruise along the promenade or go and explore your nearest city!

2. Bouldering



Bouldering is climbing low level walls without a harness and ropes. It’s super fun and a great strength workout for your whole body. It’s also very relaxing – focussing on your next move and making sure you don’t fall off means you don’t have any headspace to think about anything else; work, woes, money and relationships – forget them all and go bouldering! There are loads of indoor bouldering centres around the UK to get you started before you tackle the outdoor boulders, and it’s really inexpensive; perfect for rain-ruined summer days!


3. SUP



Stand Up Paddle-boarding. Relaxing in a “looking into the distance imagining I’m on a beach in Honolulu philosophising about life and pondering the magic of nature” kinda way. Also great for your core muscles, balance and arm strength; all pretty important for shredding! With SUP clubs popping up allover the UK and loads of places hiring them out, you’re sure to find some water nearby where you can get your SUP on.


4. Yoga



Yoga is an ancient practice, originating in India, focussing on physical, mental and spiritual relaxation and strength. You can do yoga anywhere; the gym, the beach, in a park, on a mountain, up a tree, in your bedroom… literally ANYWHERE. There are online yoga classes you can do too, check out this awesome lady – Lucy Foster-Perkins. Lucy makes brilliant “yoga for surfers” videos. You could even combine Yoga and SUP for a spot of Yoga Sup (or YUP…) for the ultimate in relaxation, strength and flexibility training. 


5. Wild Swimming



The UK is FULL of incredible natural spots where you can cool off from the summer heat and get some invigorating exercise in refreshing water! If you’re missing the mountains then wild swimming will remind you of the beauty that lies under all that snow in the mountains during the winter! Make sure you don’t go alone though and always check the water is safe before you take the plunge. This UK website is great for finding all the best wild swimming locations and has some important safety advice too. Why not head outdoors and take the plunge?

6. Hiking



Britain’s beautiful landscapes are bursting with epic hiking locations! Get your walking boots on and head off the beaten track to explore the hills, mountains and forests. Hiking is great cardio exercise and builds killer-calves and quads of steel. If you’re worried about not having time, the long summer days are perfect for a quick overnight trip to some nearby countryside. Enjoy a few hours exploring then get the BBQ or fire going and cook up a feast, camp out or sleep in a camper van (if you’re lucky enough to have one), then head back home early in the morning in time to get ready for work!  If you need inspiration, head over to Alistair Humphrey’s website which is full of wicked micro-adventure ideas!  

7. Cycling



If hiking doesn’t tickle your pickle, why not jump on a bike and explore the countryside? You can easily include cycling in a busy work-life schedule; why not ditch the hot traffic and sweaty, crowded public transport and take your bike to work instead? Cycling is a seriously good cardio workout and great for building up that all important leg strength in preparation for getting back on your skis/board. It’s also amazing for anyone recovering from knee injuries (like me!) as it’s low impact but gets your muscles working and builds your fitness back up. 




SNOOKS – Designed by Women for Women


At the heart and soul of SNOOKS is to represent women in the industry as reputable; talented
and inspiring athletes who have a passion for doing whatever they do best! This has not always
been the case in the action sports industry, and many others too. Let’s face it…women don’t actually
snowboard in bikinis. So to anyone who says otherwise, we cock a snook* at you!

The rest of you, we salute you.



‘Cock-a-Snook’… An Old English Phrase


Definition: Verb. Old English. To ‘cock a snook’ is to spread one’s hand with thumb
on the nose, preferably with crossed eyes, waggling fingers
and any other annoying gesticulation that comes to mind at the time.”

Example: Thumb one’s nose, as in As soon as the teacher turned her back, the
boys cocked a snook at her.

The expression was first recorded in 1791 and theprecise source of snook,
here used in the sense of “a derisive gesture,” has been lost. (’til now!)


Hey guys, we totally get what you’re doing for the guys, but we cock a snook at you – we
design awesome gear just for women!
 There is so much awesome gear out there for the guys,
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Ladies… Cock-A-Snook, get out of the men’s section and get your
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*A Snook is also a fish.
**And also apparently lots of people’s surnames. Neither of which we should ignore.

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail. (Via Google images…)