In Celebration of International Women’s Day

So here at SNOOKS we’re all about a bit of girl power, and with International Women’s Day, as we meandered over how to celebrate the awesome-ness of our favourite shred chicks out there, we thought what better way than to revel in all the badass glory of the 2018 Winter Olympics?

There’s no denying that right now the ladies are absolutely killing it when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. We couldn’t have been prouder watching some of our fave girls sending it and laying it down in Pyeongchang this past month. As creators of the UK’s first snow wear brand for women, by women, we wanted to spread some love for our gals and share with you our highs and lows from the comps this winter.

It goes without saying that we were GUTTED that Katie Ormerod injured herself in practice before the slopestyle qualifiers. As one of the most innovative British riders to emerge in the past few years we all had our hopes pinned on this northern hopeful. Alas it wasn’t meant to be, with Katie fracturing both her arm and ankle before competing, eliminating her from any hopes of a medal. This was followed by Aimee Fuller unfortunately having an absolute wounder of a crash in the Big Air contest, taking one to the face on her final run. As true believers in GB snowsports we were all heartbroken for the girls, but we’re sure they’ll bounce back and do us all proud in up and coming contests. If their social media accounts are anything to go by then these girls won’t let anything stop them progressing through women’s snowboarding, and that’s why we love them!



On a more positive note in women’s snowsports, we were all absolutely delighted to see 19 year old Izzy Atkin charge her way to medal glory in the women’s freestyle skiing. Atkin, born and raised in the US to an English father and a Malaysian mother, did us all proud when she nailed the contest finals going into her final run sitting in fourth place, but she triumphed when she finished with a score of 84.80 points to take the bronze. Not only is Izzy killing it when it comes to representing British freestyle skiing, she’s also the first Briton ever to win an Olympic medal for skiing! Now if that’s not girl power then we don’t know what is!



If there’s any two ladies we have to mention when it comes to these Olympics, it has to be Chloe Kim and Anna Gasser.

Now we always knew that Kim would be a tough one to beat when it came to the snowboarding halfpipe; at only 17 years old she’s not only got two gold medals under her belt from the Youth Olympics, but she’s also a four time X-Games medalist and, now, the youngest woman to ever win a snowboarding Olympic medal. Watching Kim sail her way through halfpipe is like watching a bird take flight; her amplitude and grace is second to none, and her fearless nature ensures that she raises the bar like no-one else. Dropping in with her infamous back to back 1080s we knew Chloe was going to give every other competitor a run for their money, but finishing with a massive high score of 98.25 we couldn’t have been more proud. (Side note – the fact that this girl was tweeting about being hangry before the contest just secured her a place in our hearts, when you need a sandwich, you need a sandwich.)





Anna Gasser has been astounding the snowboarding scene since she emerged as a professional contender in 2017….yes, that’s last year! This chick has the grace and elegance of a ballerina on the slopes; her gravity defying abilities are quickly becoming second to none and every time she drops in we excitedly await what she’ll turn up with. This year at the Olympics, despite having a disappointing start in the slopestyle contests, Gasser absolutely annihilated all competition in the Big Air final. She and American Jamie Anderson were, not surprisingly, battling out for gold until the very last minute, but it was Gasser’s final run, and her astounding double cork 1080s that secured her a gold medal score of 96.00. Our favourite part? Watching all of her peers, and competition, shower her with hugs and kisses as they celebrated her victory.




On that note, our highest point of this year’s Winter Olympics, on this International Women’s Day, has to be the amount of love and support that each and every female Olympian has shown one another on social media. No matter what country they represented, no matter what sport they competed in, us SNOOKS girls just loved seeing our favourite shred chicks spreading all the love for their peers on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. In this day and age that kind of sisterhood is something to really treasure, and we think it’s such a strong advocate of women’s snowsports to recognise the level of support, and consequently, progression that is encouraged within the industry.


And so while we can all celebrate the triumphs, victories and medals of Pyeongchang, isn’t the biggest win for women the solidarity and unity that was evident throughout the Winter Olympic Games? With some of the riding being described as the most progressive ever seen in competitions to date, we can’t wait to see what our favourite ladies will stomp next.

So, on this International Women’s Day, get your girls together, grab your skis, grab your board, just grab a cuppa tea or a beer, and value the solidarity of sisterhood.

At SNOOKS, that’s what we’re all about.


Life changing. Surprisingly satisfying


Okay so I am fairly new to this game but 3 months after not using a single tampon, I feel liberated! A couple of quick fire reasons before you ‘save for later’ or read the first 2 sentences and move on:


Comfort | No Chuff Chafe | Cost efficiency | The Environment | Screw you tampon tax* | Pelvic floor muscle work out | Be a trailblazer | ‘a more balanced microbiobe without tampons messing with your chuff’ | The planet needs saving | Love of the mountains | Happier microbiome | Decrease in risk of Candida


Got your attention? Allow me to explain:


We all know we need to be mindful of our wastage and reducing the amount of plastic that we use. Us SNOOKS girls became even more aware of this when we attended the SheExtreme film premiers in Bristol a few months back….One particular campaign and excellent adventurous documentary #PaddleAgainstPlastic left some really surprising stats at the forefront of our minds: every bit of plastic that has ever been produced, still exists. 38.5million single use plastic bottles are used every day in the UK ALONE!! WHAT!? How can this be sustainable? How can this be? It simply is not!


[Please note, at this point, I was sat next to Caly Major, who is leading the campaign, and filmed the most epic adventure circumnavigating around Isle of Skye solo on a stand up paddle board to raise awareness of plastic in our oceans…. whilst I was sipping a cider out of a plastic pint cup, feeling very guilty. I promised her I would re-use that cup as many times as I could…She was totally cool! And so right…it’s not about telling people off, or judgement, it’s about awareness, about taking the responsibility and understanding the consequences of our actions as consumers. Making people think. Changing behaviours. I have since invested a couple of quid into a re-usable coffee cup too!]


Photo / ©








As a result of our time with Caly, we started to consider how our disposal of feminine products contributes to worldwide pollution and what we can do to minimise the impact individually in any small way we can.


On the very topical subject of environmentally friendly and sustainable living, using a Mooncup can absolutely be the small change you can take cutting down on your waste, whilst-preventing you from numerous risks associated with using tampons, such as TSS, Abrasions on the inside of your vagina due to dry foof (gross), disrupted bacteria and unbalanced microbiome of your mermaid’s purce, and even cancer, YES cancer! Okay – not to scare you but when you actually think of it outside of our ‘social norms’ it is quite an odd thing, sticking cotton wool up there! (And the ‘feminine hygiene’ industry is a mutli-billion dollar industry?!)



As the guardian explains: “The average woman uses roughly 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. The time it takes for a tampon or pad to degrade in a landfill is centuries longer than the lifespan of the woman who used it, particularly when wrapped in a plastic wrapper or bag. In addition, the process of manufacturing these products – turning wood pulp into soft, cotton-like fibres – is both resource- and chemical-intensive.” Can anyone argue this really makes sense!


I don’t know about you but my mind is blown thinking of this amount of plastic cups and this amount of tampons floating in our oceans!


This all leads me nicely on to introducing Mrs Mooncup. If you don’t know what a Mooncup, or other variant looks like. Here is the beauty:


And before this I thought. That’s for hippies, that’s gross. Mooncup themselves have written a great article on how a Mooncup is a backpackers best friend! I am totally sitting so far on the otherside of the fence now, I am a dot to the tampon! In fact, the Mooncup, used correctly is extremely hygienic and much better for your body than any feminine products on the market.


I would like to thank my Mooncup Mentor for first enlightening me to this. You know who you are! Whilst talking about changing the world, whilst having a merry old time at Boomtown Festival, whilst me being in shock at the realisation that I NEVER HAVE TO BUY A TAMPON AGAIN! And if a Mooncup really doesn’t take your fancy TOTM also agree it’s time to be kinda to your vagina and are better biodegradable


Being a woman, why should our menstrual habits be such a taboo!? As half of the population, there’s enough of us to talk about it. Let’s talk about it! Raise those cups up in the air and sing it loud! I use a moon cup and I’M PROUD!


Hey – and if you are a guy reading this, what would you do!?


Big thanks to all the wonderful other speakers and film premiers at SheExtreme festival, especially Bex Band from Love Her Wild for her inspirational words and interview! If you are looking at more ways/ideas to get involved in protecting our planet, head over to the POW: Protect Our Winters website – a passionate crew of diehards, professional athletes and industry brands mobilizing the outdoor sports community to lead the charge towards positive climate action.


*The tampon tax – government has said the tax will be scrapped, although the bill hasn’t gone through yet. In the meantime, the tax paid on tampons/sanitary products is being granted to 70 women’s charities in the UK. However… one of these charities is a controversial anti-abortion charity called Life!
Most of the big supermarkets have actually reduced the cost of their sanitary products by 5% to cover the VAT. (Tampon tax is actually an EU law, so the UK first began charging VAT on sanitary products in 1973, then reduced it from 20% to 5%, the lowest possible rate, in 2010).


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An Independent streak: We caught up with a few of our favourite UK independent ski/snowboard retailers…


SNOOKS is proud to be designed and made in the UK! There is so much snowboardery goodness to be celebrated here, the global success of our female heroes like Omerod and Jonesy is enough to put GB on the world stage – not bad for a country with very little actual snow! Not only this but we have some of the sickest independent snow focused stores in the UK. These guys have serious passion for the industry and are constantly innovating and finding their niches to stay in strong competition with the online beefcakes. It’s important to remember the people at the heart of the snowboarding scene so here’s why we are sharing our top hand selected independents that you simply HAVE to check out:






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“The Funnest Place on Earth”. (And where a Yorkshire accent is considered posh!)


Here’s the thing. Our special little SNOOKS skier, Thea, has worked relentlessly at her form, her steeze, her performance is on top form, so we want to shout about it! At just 15, Thea is already awarded Backing the best by Sport England and SportsAid, SportsAid, last year winning her first European Championship, now she’s taking America by storm! Recently placing 4th place at the USASA Nationals!! Thea has her eyes firmly on the X-Games and her ambition is to become an Olympian.

Here’s Thea’s season round up, straight from the horses mouth 🙂


So this winter I got invited to go to Windells Academy in Mt Hood, Oregon. I felt so lucky to have been given the opportunity to do this and was super excited about it.
After starting my season with Why Ain’t You in Austria I travelled out to America in February. The journey was tiring but exciting. I landed at Seattle, had my fingerprints scanned and then looked for the Windells’ staff. Hannah and Michelle appeared like angels and we went straight to a coffee shop – typical Seattle!
When I arrived at Windells I was nervous but the place seemed so amazing I couldn’t help but be excited despite the jet lag. They took me on a tour of the campus which includes a big ass skate park called The Jungle, a super trampoline, 2 ramps and an airbag. I shared a cabin with five of the most special American girls you’ll ever meet.
I went up Mount Hood on my first day – it was sunny and you could see for miles but everyone warned me that it would be the only sunny day for a while … and they were right! The park at Timberline has rails that are so rad and the kickers are really mellow.
I skied almost every day at Timberline and the snow was extreme which meant there was fresh powder every few days so we could shred the sweet pow lines on our fat skis. Luckily, thanks to Snooks I was never cold in my Reviver jacket. *Thanks for the plug Thea ;)*
The other skiers and snowboarders were so sick – they all has their own cool styles and we helped each other try new tricks.
My coach at Windells was Wynn Berns, he helped me on and off the snow. I’ve been working on flat spins, underflips, Misty 5s and moving my tricks onto the proline.
I competed in the USASA series events at Mount Hood, Timberline and Snoqualmie and podiumed at every event. This meant that I qualified for US Nationals at Copper Mountain, Colorado. We drove to Colorado across Utah and stopped at The Arches National Park which was scorching hot and spectacular.
Competing at US Nationals was *horns emoji*. I competed in the Overall category and I threw down a switch 5 tindie, right 3 lead mute, left 7 safety and some steezy rails. I was stoked with my performance and final result of 4th overall which means I’ve qualified to compete in the Rev Tour next year which is huge. Next winter I also aim to compete at Youth Olympics and maybe step up to World Cup level.
In Summer I’ve been offered an internship at Windells Camp so I’ll be working in the Demo Store and on the Recruitment Team. I’ll also be working towards my cork 7 and doubles with pro skiers including McRae Williams, Nick Goepper, Jossi Wells, Tom Wallisch and Devin Logan.
The weird things about America were the fact they call scones biscuits, they don’t eat Yorkshire puddings and they thought my accent was posh! The things I liked most about America were thrift shops, corn dogs and the hot boys!
Honestly besides the jet lag and missing my family, this winter season has been the best I’ve ever had. I would tell anyone who wants to ski or snowboard in America to check out Windells – it lives up to its slogan – ‘the funnest place on earth’. Watch this space for photos of my summer at Windells Camp.
Ambition is our favourite word here at SNOOKS HQ and we will be supporting her every step of the way! Thanks so much for the write up Thea, you rock!