Snooks. Snowboard and ski outerwear for women, by women.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Snooks is the first British snowboard and ski outerwear brand dedicated solely to women. Our mission is simple: provide stylish and well fitting outerwear for all you female snowboarders and skiers who know the struggle is real! We want to represent the women we design for.

Snooks outerwear is made right here in the UK – we want to remain true to our roots and support local industry and British riders. Snooks gear has been created with the same grit, determination and passion that runs through the veins of British riders.

We understand that most female riders don’t want gear covered in pink butterflies, glitter and pretty flowers. Female riders are about way more than that. So we decided to do something a little different. Girls it’s time to get out of the men’s section… Snooks has arrived and we strive to create outerwear that fits how it should fit and keeps you dry, warm and comfortable when you’re out on the mountain and still looking awesome at après or around town.

Our first products are available to purchase now! Check out the brand new gear in our shop.


Susie Beere


Fed up of having to buy men’s gear, as I’ve often struggled to find women’s gear that fits or performs well enough without buying three sizes bigger than I am, I decided to stop complaining and do something about it. And so Snooks was born. Read more…

Sophie Kelly


It seems we weren’t the only ones buying guys’ jackets for the right style and fit. This, along with not feeling women’s gear represented us, lead to Susie and I talking. Result: We should probably do something about this. With relatively business minded attitudes and a shared passion for snowboarding, SNOOKS was born. Read more…


Made in Britain

Supporting local industry is at the core of our brand and we are proud to say our outerwear is made in Great Britain. We strive to manufacture and source our products and materials here in the UK – not only are Britain’s homegrown products of the best quality, but our skiers and snowboarders are too! We create products that do justice to British snowsport talent.

For Women

Snooks gear is designed with women in mind from start to finish. Representing you ladies – real female riders – is at the heart of Snooks and it’s this that drives our brand forwards.

Fitty Fitty Bang Bang

Fed up of having no room for layers or protection underneath your jacket and trousers? So were we. That’s why our outerwear is made fit for purpose. Our performance fit combined with street wear vibes means you’ll look good, but more importantly, feel great! Shred on sisters.