Palentines Day – Spread The Lurve


Palentines Day – Spread The Lurve

Oh, St Valentine. Who were you and why did you feel the need to mark a random day in February with such sappy importance that men and women all over the world now feel compelled to purchase excessively OTT greetings cards, and cuddly toys that would set fire if they even looked upon a naked flame?

Surprise, surprise, here at SNOOKS, we’re not so much a fan of the whole “spend excessive amounts of money on a hallmark holiday” thing. We are, however, all about spreading good vibes and a little bit of love every now again, and what better way to give ol’ Valentine two fingers in the air than to spend this February 14th on your favourite piste, dry slope or homegrown mountain with your best mates.

If you’ve checked out our most recent Handmade Tale collection, you’ll already know that we’re big cheerleaders for the female species, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hang with the lads; in fact we like to think we can give them a run for their money more often than not when it comes to party laps on the piste – boys, challengers are welcome! That’s why, on this day of love, we’re not jumping on the somewhat cliched ‘galentines day’ – no, no, this year we’re encouraging you all to grab your board, grab your jacket (preferably the SNOOKS Union jacket because it’s awesome, and also…marketing), and grab your crew to celebrate what shall henceforth be known as ‘Pal’entine’s Day!

Why not go one step further? Spread the love even more and give Mother Earth a big cuddle by joining the crusade against climate change with the insane team over at Protect Our Winters, or POW for short. Each and every donation helps contribute to a wealth of proactive research and activism, and knowing that you’re making your mark in such a positive way is enough to warm even the iciest heart this February (in a good way though, not in a global warming kind of way…).

So, although that chairlift may be chilly, you can rest assured that here at SNOOKS we’ll be sending each every one of your guys our snuggliest, mushiest, good vibes this February 14th.

Happy Palentine’s Day,

Lots of love,

The Snooks Girls


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