Let’s Raise a Toast


Let’s Raise a Toast




In Honour of International Women’s Day 2015


We thought we’d kick off our first ever blog post with a selection of women in snowboarding who kick ass! From the inspirational to the talented to the downright cool, all of who definitely stoke our stoke!



1. Jenny Jones

Of course it would only be right to start with Britain’s very own Jenny Jones. The lady who tore up the history books and stomped her way to Great Britain’s first EVER Winter Olympic Medal in a snow event. HEROINE.

The Bronze Babe from Bristol has been tearing up the women’s circuit for years however – with THREE X-Games gold medals under her belt, along with a ton of other precious metal accolades and snowboard movies to her name.

A toast to “the Jones” – Cheers!!


Watch below:  Stance – the full movie in all its glory, starring Jenny and a bunch of incredible female shredders including Australian rider Torah Bright and Californian Kimmy Fasani.

Stance: The Full Movie a Snowboarding video by joffer


2.  Emma Shoesmith – Board of Media

We had the pleasure to meet Emma recently, she’s heading up a powerful project called Board of Media, which is:

“A social movement celebrating gender equality in action sports.

Our mission is to increase the visibility of women in action and adventure sports and to portray both men and women as equals, no objectified images or photoshopped files. Inspired by the lack of positive female role models, not only in action sports media but in the mass media too. We believe that it is our duty to support future generations in respecting one another, regardless of gender, race or riding stance. By covering fascinating personal narratives and showcasing positive female role models, Board of Media brings you videos, articles and empowering imagery that aims to inspire whilst communicating our core values, solidarity, equality, safety and freedom.”

If you haven’t heard of Emma and Board of Media you NEED to go the their website and get on board! http://www.boardofmedia.com


3. Katie Ormerod

World’s FIRST woman to land a Double Cork 1080. And she’s 17. And she’s British. Watch out for this future star! Check out THAT TRICK below:



4. Amy Purdy.

This lady lost both her legs below the knee when she was 19 years old. Didn’t stop her becoming a pro-snowboarder however. Watch her inspirational Ted Talk:



5. Annie Boulanger

Awesome lady. Watch her 2014 full part:

“The domains of halfpipe and slopestyle riding have seen women advance in skill and style with calculated regularity over the years. Yet in the more complicated arena of backcountry freestyle snowboarding — a field still dominated by men, where sometimes just getting there is a feat unto itself — few women have crossed the gender lines as successfully as Annie Boulanger has.

“There was a time when there were no girls going into the backcountry in Whistler,” says Boulanger. “As a professional girl rider 10 years ago all I could do was competitions. But I didn’t like the rules. I didn’t like being judged on two runs.”

Whistler legends Martin Gallant and JF Pelchat started taking her into the backcountry to film. “With the years, I got more confident,” says Boulanger. “But it was hard to pull the filmer away when he’s getting all this footage of someone like Romain De Marchi or DCP. That took a lot of confidence.”

Boulanger’s fortitude has led to a respected career as one of the only women who regularly gets segments in big mostly male snowboard movies, which has in turn given a new generation of up-and-coming female shredders the confidence to follow her footsteps into the backcountry instead of the contest circuit.”

(Credit: http://xgames.espn.go.com/snowboarding/gallery/10728850/18/17-annie-boulanger)





 SNOOKS love x

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